Friday, March 23, 2007
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I just spent the last week at SD West in San Jose...this year the conference was bigger than ever before! Thanks to everone that attended my tutorials and sessions, I really enjoyed the questions and discussions...as I hope you did. As promised, here is a list of all my resources from the conference talks. Enjoy!


Intro to Web Services (Tutorial)

  • Christian Gross and myself presented this one, discussing everything from POX, REST, RSS, SOAP/WSDL, WS* and SOA.
  • Code I demonstrated in this tutorial is from the .NET Web Services tutorial next.

.NET Web Services TODAY (Tutorial)

Microsoft Technology Avalanche (Tutorial)

Top 10 Web Service Standards You Need To Know

WCF Contracts and Versioning

  • Demonstrations in both of these talks are based on WCF code from my book here: http://www.thatindigogirl.com/LearningWCFCode.aspx
  • See \Security, \ReliableSessions, \Transactions in particular for the WS* discussion
  • See \DataContracts, \AdvancedSerialization, and \ServiceContracts for the contracts discussion


The Amazing World of Federated Security

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